You should feel great about your accomplishments.  You've worked hard to earn that degree.  You have an edge that many people simply don't have. 

But the job market now stinks.  Lots of competition for the few available positions.   And you're not just competing with this year's grads.  You're also competing with the 2010 grads, and those unfortunate folks with lots of experience that got laid off, many who have families to support who'd do anything to get one of those few positions available.



I can help supplement your college learning with some little-known techniques to get hired and accelerate your career advancement.  I'm Tom Devane, an outdoor & travel-loving management consultant and author who works with major corporations and government agencies.  I've been forturnate to have been successful in my Big 6 consulting career and with my own firm, and this year I'm excited about helping highly-motivated grads who are interested in launching a successful post-college career and life.  More... 


Success Beyond College

 This website and its associated resources are designed to provide you with valuable tips for thriving the "real world" that build on your college success.  Topics we'll cover are on the left side of this page.  

 My company is funding this Success Beyond College venture because in the university courses I teach as an adjunct faculty member I heard horror stories about talented students being rejected time after time for available positions that would have been a great fit.  This shouldn't be happening, so I started this venture to fix this situation.  If you have a topic that you'd like addressed that we're not currently addressing, drop me a line at tomd (at) 

The tagline for this venture is "Career and life success through accelerated experience."  This experience will come from two places: 1) experiences I've had that I'm glad to share, and 2) experience you'll gain from practicing the principles and skill-building exercises provided, just in time for you to apply them.  More...

The clock's a-ticking.  Time to use channel your hard-earned college skills into new areas that will help you succeed in life.  Let's get started!